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This Crazy Blog About Me

“She’ll rip your heart out, give it a kiss,
and then tenderly put it back while saying
everything’s gonna be alright.”

I’m a story-teller and I always have been. When I was younger, my teachers would always grade me accordingly – but there was always a little note added to my report cards:

“blah blah blah – Jenn is a delight and always enchants the class
with her active imagination.”

“blah blah blah – Jenn talks too much.”

…you get the point.

The fact is, I thoroughly enjoy telling stories. Whether they’re my own that I have personally lived through (trust me – there’s plenty there) or they’re ones my “active imagination” has worked up – if I am able to captivate an audience with the words I write…I will.

This Crazy Thing Called Life is my digital space that I’ve carved out to share all things that (yup, you guessed it)  this crazy thing called life throws my way.

…now what?

So, sit back – grab a glass of water, and get ready to feel some feels and who knows – maybe even learn something new.

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