My Escape Became My Problem

Ok, so – here’s the truth.

Life got hectic and overwhelming and I was looking for a way to escape the stress instead of figuring out a way to deal with it.

Drinking was always a go-to. A celebration? Drinks! A tough day? Drinks! It didn’t matter, it always ended up the same.

It was ruining my marriage, my friendships, my sense of self worth. Everything.

It was my escape from my problems…until it became my problem.

Sure, life was crazy and hard. Newlyweds right before the pandemic? Hard. Three kids in 2.5 years – during a pandemic? Hard. 

But you know what else has been laying under the surface, only showing it’s ugly face in dire times? Unresolved trauma.


So, here I am. Open, honest, vulnerable. But it’s time. It’s time I stop hiding and it’s time I do the hard work to be the best version of me…for my kids, my husband, my family and friends and especially, for me.

No more excuses.

One month sober today.