Our Breastfeeding Journey Thus Far

Two years. Two years ago, after much struggle for the first few weeks of your life, you finally latched and thus our breastfeeding journey began.

Those first few weeks were the hardest. I cried every day. I felt like a failure. My postpartum hormones made me believe I was failing you, that my body was failing you because you simply could not latch.

Through the tears and panic attacks, I kept at it. We kept trying different positions, corrected a tongue tie – tried multiple times a day for a little over two weeks and then finally, it happened.

A sense of calm immediately came over me, and as the tears flowed – I called out to your dad and said through the tears, “He did it. I did it. We did it.”

I sobbed every time I nursed you for the next who knows how long. I felt this intensified bond with you, RJ. Those late nights when it was just you and I. I stroked your face, staring down at you as you fed from my body. I held you close, singing “You Are My Sunshine” as I literally felt my heart expanding from the abundance of love I felt for you.

Now here we are, celebrating two years of breast feeding. Your sisters are growing in my belly, and you’re slowly weaning yourself off – but I’m still your place of comfort. You search for me in the dark of the night, knowing I’ll bring you a sense of calm – a sense of security.

And you know what lovebug, I promise you – I will always be your safe space. Even after this journey is complete.

<This is just a recap of our personal journey.Whether a parent chooses to breast feed, pump, formula feed – whatever, I truly believe fed is best.Everyone’s journey is different.>