CONTEST | 99 Days Until BayBay’s (Estimated) Arrival

This Crazy Blog Second Trimester Update and Willful Contest

Wowwaweewa – has a lot ever changed since the last time I checked in! We’re now nearing the end of the second trimester, and holy smokes – what a difference from the first. 

Most notably, in my opinion, is that my appetite is back…with avengence. I’m hungry all of the time and that’s a very welcome change from when I couldn’t even keep water down. 🙄 Unfortunately, the baybay is craving not the healthiest options food-wise, but anything is better than nothing nowadays, I suppose. I went from craving all of the strawberry ice cream (like, a pint a week 😬) to now wanting every single carb I can devour. I’m talking – I could have pasta every day and be completely satisfied. Strangest craving thus far might go to the evening I was salivating at the thought of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and garlic mashed potatoes. I wanted them both, at the same time…and I wanted them BAD. I only gave in to one of the two, because I was way too lazy to peel the potatoes. LOL! I settled for the Beefaroni and a slice of bread with butter. 🤷🏻‍♀️

This Crazy Blog Second Trimester Update and Willful Contest

Another welcome change that’s come during this second trimester is reduced anxiety. During the first trimester, you’ll recall I was worried all the time. I was stressing about the baybay and about my health. The stress and anxiety was only intensified by the lack of sleep and hormones raging through my body. Sure, creating a human being in one’s body is a miracle. It’s a blessing, no doubt – but let me tell you – the changes your body goes through during pregnancy are wild…and that’s me putting it lightly. 

While my anxiety and worries about the baybay’s health have slowed down, now I’m constantly stressing and thinking about the future. There’s a lot to do to prep for the baybay’s arrival, and no matter how many lists I make – it feels like I’m constantly adding to them.

New worries pop up that I never even thought about before. Like, sure – I’m worrying about getting the nursery together and making sure we have enough sleepers on hand…but now I’m also thinking about long-term future. Making plans and setting things in place, for the “just in case” scenarios.

My friends at Willful knew that this became a concern of mine, and in an effort to help alleviate some of these stresses, they generously provided me with the ability to try their online platform and create a will. Pre-pregnancy, I never once thought about the need for a will…but, like I said – pregnancy brings on a whole new set of emotions and concerns. And this one is actually one everyone should address, no matter their health state. 

Willful guides you through creating customized legal documents to protect you and your family.

Let’s face it. Life can get busy and to do lists can seem never-ending. At Willful, we did the heavy lifting to make estate planning as painless as possible while skipping an expensive visit to a lawyer. Unlock peace of mind knowing there’s a plan in place for you and your loved ones.

Pregnancy brain is a real thing, so having something as easy to use as Willful was crucial. I have a million and one things on the go prepping for the baybay’s arrival (eta is 99 days and that is NOT a very long time), so it felt great crossing something off of my ever-growing to-do list. 

This Crazy Blog Second Trimester Update and Willful Contest

The team at Willful have generously provided a discount code if you’d like to get started creating your own will. You can start at and enter code “THISCRAZYBLOG” to save $15.

They’ve also very generously offered to partner for a contest to give one (1) winner the chance to create their will using one of any of the three Willful options – The Essentials ($99 value), Premium ($149 value), or Couples ($249 value)!

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