What Did I Learn In 2020?

As 2020 came to an end, I was inclined to look back and reflect. While the year was a dumpster fire for oh so many people – it was actually the best (yet hardest) year of my life.

We welcomed RJ to this crazy world and while it hasn’t always been easy – it’s most certainly always been worth it.

What did I learn in 2020?

• Take the time to reach out to family and friends and let them know you love them. You don’t know when you’ll see them again, and everyone needs a friendly reminder from time to time that they’re loved and appreciated.

• Set boundaries for yourself. Know what you need and take time to learn what you don’t.  Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish – it’s a necessity. You need to be the best version of you, not just for yourself – but also for your loved ones.

• Getting back to basics and slowing down isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Take the time to just *breathe* – read that book, watch that show, start that hobby, take that nap. Slow down and listen to your body.

• Stop comparing yourself to the “picture perfect” versions of others that they’re all posting online. Real life is not always sunshine and silly selfies – it can be really difficult, and it’s ok to struggle. Know you’re not alone and when the saturated IG feeds become too much – take a social media break.

• It’s ok to be angry and sad at the state of the world. As mentioned above – it’s literally a dumpster fire. Things may not be as you had hoped or expected, but – try to find a way to grow from the struggles. Growth will appear as a struggle until you emerge on the other side and realize it was a lesson all along.

• Be kind to yourself. Nothing more to elaborate on here…just, be kind to yourself and to others – we’re all just trying to navigate this crazy thing called life.